Dianne Furlong

Dianne Furlong

Curriculum Vitae

As a young adult I lived and worked in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia before returning to Saskatchewan to continue my education at the University of Regina. I embarked on a career in the accounting field and after working close to home for a period of time decided to move back to beautiful British Columbia on a permanent basis.

I had always had a keen interest in legal matters and, finally, made the decision to further my education, once again, and enter the legal arena. In February of 1992 I was completing a practicum with Mr. Thompson’s firm and, to my delight, he hired me even before the practicum term had ended. I began working with Mr. Thompson and continued my education in the evenings, quickly obtaining certification as a paralegal.

Mr. Thompson played a large role in my success, providing anything I required to help me accomplish my goals. No matter the circumstance he continued to provide and always with a happy heart.

Working in the legal field with Mr. Thompson has been fabulously rewarding for me and he continues to take time from his busy schedule each day to affirm, educate and mentor me in his humble ways. I have watched him with pleasure, for over two and a half decades, exercise the same thoughtfulness and care in dealing with all his clients and it makes me proud.

Dianne Furlong - Bruce A. Thompson Law Corporation

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